First Time Reaction | Video Review | Realtor in the Field With Her Sign

  • Keisha Frierson

    Great work

    Brittany is great at what she do! This is my 2nd order with her and I love both of my SOLD signs! Thank you Brittany!

  • Nickisha Hylton

    Beautiful and sturdy product

    My clients are loving it and I am happy with it so far

  • Kathleen Williams


    10/10 Brittany Did an awesome job! key looks very professional and stunning. Thanks Brittany I will be ordering another one soon.

  • Tasha Delk

    I love it, I love it, I love it!

    I am extremely happy with my sold sign key! It is so beautiful! Definitely won’t be my last order!!! I love it!!!

  • Glenda Johnson

    I love my SOLD sign

  • img-6036_Zlpc.jpg



    I LOVE my sign! It is great quality and nothing less than luxury! I highly recommend!

  • Poncietta Adrienne Earle

    LOVE ❤️ LOVE ❤️ LOVE IT!!

    Absolutely amazing high quality I can’t wait until my next closing !!! THANK YOU!!

  • Sonia Mendes Parker

    absolutely amazing!

    what a gorgeous astonishing sign!! l would recommend it to all real estate agents. l am already thinking about a second one! LOVE it!!

  • Jennifer Watson

    Pretty Key

    I absolutely love my sold key & it arrived weeks before the promised delivery date. Thanks, Brittany!

  • cherylwatkinsoverlaay_jYT1.png

    Cheryl Watkins

    I loved my first key and my second just as great!

    You MUST buy one of these for your business!! I already ordered one last year but I saw she had a black Friday sale so I had to jump on it! You know how when items go on sale, the quality or service may change?…. Well that WAS NOT the case! This key was just as amazing as the first at regular price! Brittany really put love and care in to what she does ♥️ You won’t be disappointed!

  • Narita Wright

    Love it!

    Impeccable experience from start to finish!
    Brittany's communication skills are superb! Prompt responses and professional.
    It's obvious she's exceptionally talented. I was blown away by product quality. Would I order again? Absolutely! Not to mention, turnaround time, quick delivery and excellent packaging! Highly recommended!
    Thank you Brittany!!

  • Clonise Stewart

    The Ultimate Key!

    This is the most incredible closing key! I absolutely love it and my clients too! I wish I would have ordered more while on sale. I highly recommend Brittany. Sale or No Sale I’m ordering more colors .

  • Blanca Lizardo

    My sign is Perfectly Beautiful!!!!

    My sign is everything I imagined and more!!! I absolutely love every single detail of it; The colors are perfect , the shape, the size, everything!!! It also arrived super fast, way sooner than I expected and I couldn’t be happier about that! Thank you Brittany you’re the best!!

  • Brittany Johnson

    I love the key!!

    The quality of the key is great. The communication was great. The shipping was fast. I will order again.

  • T.W.

    Just WOW !!

    From the customer service & communication .. to the actual key ! Just WOW ! Seriously in love with my sign. Great investment

  • Wilson Calhoun


    Brittany's communication was everything. I love her work. I look forward to working with her again in the very near future.

  • Brittany Johnson

    I love the key!!

    The quality of the key is great. The communication was great. The shipping was fast. I will order again.

  • T.W.

    Just WOW !!

    From the customer service & communication .. to the actual key ! Just WOW ! Seriously in love with my sign. Great investment

  • Ebony Jakes

    Brittany Michelle Designs delivered!!!!!

    You understood the assignment. My friend was very happy with her sign. Thank you for make her birthday a special one.

  • Nicole Ricketts


    Excellence at its best! Wonderful work

  • Biljana Massey 


Why Our Sold Key Signs?

We understand that as a real estate professional your time is very valuable. The more time you can save, the better. We also understand that it's vital for you to generate leads in order to keep your income flowing. To top it all off, standing out as an expert in your industry is essential in order to stay afloat in an industry with over 2 million people in your field. Saving you time, helping you generate leads, and embodying confidence is our main focus for you.

Benefits for You and Your Clients

How Does Our Signs Help you to Save Time as a Real Estate Agent?

Think of our signs as your personal assistant. These signs edify you, speak to what you do, and attracts potential leads to you from you just posting a photo or video with it. The sign tells your name/brand, your contact information so they're aware of how to get in touch with you, and any other important information that you want to showcase for your real estate brand.

We're very intentional and detail oriented when it comes to designing your sign for you. We understand color psychology so you don't have to. We understand what motivates your ideal client to make a decision. We also understand how certain colors make them feel and how it affects them. All of these things are important in marketing for your real estate business. We take the time to research and study these little details that will drive your business, so you can focus on actually running your real estate business and not all of the other nuisances.

How Does Our Signs Help You to Attract Leads?

When your sign is viewed by others online you're establishing an image. From the way the sign is designed, the color choice of your sign, and the wording of your sign your ideal client becomes attracted. Once they're attracted, they will look more into you, your services, and how you can help them.

We study the psychology of what people are attracted to, what motivates them to act, and what draws them in. Through colors, fonts, etc.

We design your sign with the intention of attracting others to view it and gaining their immediate attention.

How Does Our Signs Help you to Embody Confidence?

You know the saying, "When you look good you feel good?" Well, we stand by that 100%. We really believe that whenever you look the part you feel more confident than when you're halfway showing up.

Showing up as a real estate professional who is obviously, clearly, and evidently serious about your business online brings you extra confidence.

You also feel better as an agent when you show up to closings prepared with photo props for your clients to have a memorable experience with on one of the biggest days of their lives.